donated back to humanity
donated back to humanity
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Why Humanitix completed 31,972 push-ups in June

8th Jul 2024

Humanitix takes on the push-up challenge

This June, 17 members of the Humanitix team took on the Push-Up Challenge to raise funds and awareness for mental health. Led by team captain Steve Richardson (Senior Developer at Humanitix), the team managed to complete a whopping 31,972 push-ups and reached its fundraising goal by raising $1,018 for Lifeline.

We asked Steve for some insights from completing the challenge last month!

Steve “phteven”  Richardson - Push Up Challenge Captain & Senior Dev @ Humanitix

What is the push-up challenge?

The Push-Up Challenge is a free mental health and fitness event focused on pushing for better mental health for all Australians. Participants complete 3,249 push-ups (or alternative exercises) over 24 days, representing the 3,249 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022.

It's basically us trying to do a ton of push-ups every day in June to raise awareness and some cash for mental health. Each push-up represents a life lost to suicide, which really makes you understand just how many lives were lost when you're a few days and only a few hundred pushups in.

Why did you decide to take on this challenge and get the wider Humanitix team involved?

I usually get involved for the fitness challenge and it's a great initiative to be part of regardless! Seeing as my cultural interview involved a 2.5 minute plank with the team, I knew the gang would be keen!

Humanitix team members doing the daily plank

How did it go? How did the team do throughout the month of June?

It went well! I'm not sure we all could keep up with the targets, but everyone was giving it their best.

What was the hardest part of the challenge?

The >200 pushup days 😵

What was the highlight of doing this challenge / most memorable moment?

Waking up every morning to see the CTO had already done 100 by 6:30am. Also, watching everyone randomly get up through the day and rally everyone together for a set of 20.

Thank you to all our donors, supporters and team members who helped #pushforbetter mental health. We are proud to have been a small part of a movement that raised over $12 million (and counting) for key mental health services and initiatives in Australia.

List of team members and donors for the Humanitix push-up challenge


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