donated back to humanity
donated back to humanity
We’re transforming ticket booking fees from a necessary evil into a powerful force for good. 100% of Humanitix’s profits are dedicated to charities providing life’s essentials to humans worldwide: healthcare, education, food, and stability.
Our impact

Our story: Adam McCurdie and Joshua Ross

High school mates Adam McCurdie and Josh Ross founded Humanitix after making a pact to escape the corporate world and do something different and meaningful with their careers. Like many social entrepreneurs, they began by looking for industries with inefficiencies that could be ripe for reinvention. Then they found it: tickets. Event ticketing has always been frustrating for hosts and guests alike and everyone hates booking fees. So in 2016 Humanitix ambitiously set out to disrupt ticketing—for good!

It was clear from the start that their crazy idea wasn't so crazy. They stayed laser-focused on developing a great product with amazing customer support, and hosts continued to switch to Humanitix for the superior customer experience and “no-brainer” social benefits of the 100% for-purpose model. Soon the organisation was funded by the Atlassian Foundation and the NSW Government.

Then in 2018 Humanitix won the Google Impact Challenge and has since doubled in size every six months, becoming the fastest-growing ticketing platform in Australia and New Zealand.


Before Humanitix

Before their journey with Humanitix, Adam was an engineer who'd seen the power of education to transform communities in Tanzania. Josh was a hedge fund analyst who'd been moved by his experiences traveling through Vietnam.

On a hiking trip together through Sri Lanka just nine months after that country's civil war, they came upon an abandoned house that had been completely blown out.

The cups and saucers still neatly stacked on the kitchen shelves struck them as a powerful reminder of how volatile and unfair life can be—and how lucky they were to have been born into such safety and comfort in Australia.

That night, camping under the stars, they decided to dedicate their careers to making a difference in the lives of children who weren't so lucky. They sealed their pact with a wild dance around the campfire, howling on into the night.

The first event

The first Humanitix events included a Disney Trivia night, a Variety Fundraiser, a Social Impact Film Night, and a Halloween Hoedown. The very first ticket sold for ten dollars, plus a booking fee of 50 cents.

Where is Humanitix now?

Fast forward to today and Humanitix has transformed over $10.5M from those booking fees into helping humans around the world.

Humanitix is doubling in size every 6 months as more and more event hosts choose to give their event impact.

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