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Our Top Event Apps That Make Planning Easier

4th Feb 2022

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Gone are the days where event planning was done using a series of post-it notes and hastily scribbled notes. Technology (and the rise of ‘apps culture’) means that it has never been easier to get organised, connect guests and gather valuable data to improve experiences in the future.

If you’ve been afraid to trust new apps, now is the time to familiarise yourself with some powerful tools. Not only will your guests, sponsors, and co-organisers thank you, once you’ve got the hang of them, you’ll wonder how you ever organised an event without them!

Below are our top picks when it comes to event plannings apps that are user-friendly, powerful and sleek.

Why do you need to use apps for your next event?

Apps serve a range of different functions for event planners, from streamlining the organisation to capturing data about the event. A few of the top reasons to start using apps are:

  • Improve organisation and streamline tasks:
    There is nothing worse than confusion about who needs to do what or losing information in an avalanche of emails. Apps can help keep everything in one place and streamline project planning.
  • Capture data and analytics:
    Capturing data is a way of making sure you are utilising as much information as possible to improve your events. It is also an attractive proposition for sponsors and event partners, who will want a clear idea of their ROI and reach through the event.
  • Looking and feeling professional:
    Apps can help elevate your event by allowing you to make things look sleek and run smoothly, without having to hire costly consultants or other professionals to take care of things like design and branding.
  • Connect guests:
    Apps are also powerful tools for within the event itself, allowing guests to connect with each other better and keep themselves organised on the big day.

Event planning and project management

The key to planning an event is being a good project manager. Why not make it easier with these planning tools?


Trello is a project and planning management app. It is a process-based way of managing a project, and forms a digital Kanban-style board in which tasks can be made into digital cards, assigned owners, and moved through the stages of the project lifecycle. This makes it easy to assign tasks to different team members, and visually see which stage each task is at.

Example of a Trello board with meeting agenda's, to-do lists, hot topics and goals for the week

You could use this with different event planning columns, such as “Research”, “Comparison”, “Booked” and “Confirmed”. The beauty of this tool is how flexible it can be!


Zapier is an integration tool and makes thousands of other apps usable with your platform. Using automation, information can be seamlessly shared across web apps. This makes it easier for users and for you. For example, this process might mean that a new event gets automatically saved to your Google calendar, or that a task you want to be moved to Asana can be automatically added by sending a message on Slack.

Humanitix uses Zapier for easy integration with thousands of other applications (including Gmail and Slack), making every step of the process a little bit easier for end-users (and ticket purchasers), making it easier to store and save personal information across applications.


Ganttic is a digital version of the tried-and-tested Gantt chart tool for project planning. It’s great for getting a high-level overview when you are event planning, and also identifying a critical path, which is a series of tasks that need to happen in order or else risk derailing the entire event. This is also known as mapping out ‘task dependencies’ and allows you to see what needs to happen to allow things to progress, and what can be done independently. This kind of planning helps ensure that all resources are being used effectively and to their full capacity.

Marketing and promotion


Mailchimp is one of the most used email marketing services (you may remember the ad from one of the most listened-to podcasts of all time). It allows you to send marketing emails, which is useful when it comes to promoting your event [Link to 0002 Email marketing]. It allows you to populate email lists easily, and collect valuable insights so you can optimise your marketing emails for your target audience. Humanitix also integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp, meaning when you list an event with us, you can automatically create and update an emailing list of those who have bought a ticket. This also makes it easier to notify guests of any changes, or to remind them of the upcoming event!


It has never been easier to create a beautiful design for your event and all promotional materials. Canva is easy-to-use graphic design software that allows users to create beautiful content, with automatic templates for professional-looking social media posts, posters, and graphics for your event. With Humanitix, you can use Canva’s design tools right within our event builder.

The image is from Canva's website it displays Canva's starter to page to get creative on some awesome banner imagery

Selling tickets

Salesforce is a platform that makes selling tickets easier, so you can connect with your customer and get valuable insights across sales, marketing, and customer data. This also helps your sales team when devising a marketing plan. With Humanitix, which integrates natively with Salesforce, you can easily sync your events, orders, tickets, campaigns, and contact information to your Salesforce CRM.

Improve attendee experiences

Entegy has a suite of apps that help you create and enhance in-person and virtual events. This makes it the perfect platform for hosting hybrid events [Link to Blog 0025]. The Attendee Connect app allows gamification, plus enables attendees to privately message each other, and create conversations as part of a digital community.

Conference Compass

With conference events in mind, Conference Compass allows you to develop a custom app for your event (no software engineering experience required). This allows you to pick and choose features and functions to suit your event.

Selling Tickets?

We believe in using technology to make humanity better. List your event with our innovative platform, and enjoy great integrations, thoughtful features, and knowing every fee funds a future education project. List with us today.

Em Meller
Em Meller

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