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Host with the Most: Q & A with NZ Spirit

23rd Aug 2023

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Humanitix has a deep love for hosts that do good, but too often, event creators and makers go unthanked. We want to spotlight them and shine a light on hosts that go above and beyond for their community.

We sat down with Franko and the NZ Spirit Team for a Q&A session on their experience delivering Aotearoa's ultimate wellness events and festivals.

NZ Spirit festival site from bird's eye view

Who is NZ Spirit?

Our mission at NZ Spirit is to provide transformational experiences for individuals seeking a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Whether you're passionate about fitness, wellness, art, or simply eager to explore deeper into a healthy lifestyle, our events offer a diverse range of immersive experiences. From invigorating fitness classes and meditation sessions to enlightening nutrition workshops and wellness talks, our events provide valuable opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from esteemed experts. We embrace diversity and radical inclusivity, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds to join our extraordinary, family-friendly experiences.

Franko Heke

In my role as the co-founder and director of NZ Spirit, I have the privilege of guiding the entire festival operation. Combining my passions as a musician and yoga teacher, I am deeply devoted to the realms of wellness and community. I’ve driven the vision and purchase of the farms where our North Island festivals are held, totalling 340 acres, leading the mission of regenerating former goat and dairy farms. We have turned it into a venue that anyone can rent, with plans for a farmers market, cafe, and eventually a retreat centre.

Tell us about your events!

Our events are epic celebrations of health, happiness, and human connection, where attendees can immerse themselves in breathtaking natural locations, and camp, glamp, or simply enjoy a day visit. We have a diverse array of wellness-based activities on offer, including fitness sessions, yoga and dance classes, martial arts and meditation workshops.

Two women hugging with the sunlight shining in the background

At the heart of our festivals lies a deep respect for Māori culture, intertwined with a strong commitment to sustainable living. Live music performances are on offer throughout the day and night, enhancing the sense of togetherness and celebration. Open to all ages and designed to be family-friendly, our festivals foster inclusivity and are alcohol and waste-free, promoting a safe and harmonious environment.

Two Maori women enjoying the festival

We run several events through the summer season; Resolution NYE Festival, NZ Spirit Festival North Island and South Island and NZ Fitness Day, with an average attendance of 3000 people.

What kinds of people attend your events?

Our festival appeals to a wide range of individuals who seek wellness, appreciate art, and value kindness. Our target audience includes families, young adults, and individuals from diverse backgrounds, aiming to provide an inclusive and accessible experience for all. We work closely with the local arts community, Iwi and our widespread network of musicians and wellness practitioners to co-create our transformative and immersive events.

A smiling family with two kids at the festival

What do you love the most about running events?

It is witnessing the deep transformation and authentic education of holistic wellness that thousands have journeyed through since we began these offerings.

Women dancing at the festival

What part does Humanitix play in your events?

With our previous ticketing provider, it just felt like our ticketing fees were not justified or going to a good cause. We love Humanitix as our ticketing platform because they align with our ethos of caring and service to others.

When we switched over to Humanitix, we were surprised about the personal care towards us. Humanitix solved the challenges we were experiencing by customising our relationship to work for everyone.

Kids at a dancing workshop

How does NZ Spirit's values align with Humanitix?

Humanitix’s mission to bring people together to inspire and invest in humanity, is totally aligned with our kaupapa. Our organisation’s values are: Connection, Sustainability, Culture, Wellness, Spirituality, Art, Music and Movement. We embrace the spirit of community and celebrate holistic wellbeing, in our mission to create a new reality for ourselves and generations to come!

Hundreds of festival attendees in colourful costumes

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