Sales Development Representative (Denver)

Denver, United States
Full time
Our team having dinner together
Our team volunteering for a fundraiser

Humanitix is the world's first not-for-profit ticketing platform. We believe businesses that align with profit and purpose can solve the world's biggest problems, and that humane use of technology can help us reinvest in humanity far beyond traditional corporate responsibility.

If you're driven, passionate about social change, are interested in entrepreneurship, and want to build a career in sales, we want you.

We are Humanitix

  • Humanitix is converting the US$3.7 billion dollars in annual global booking fees into social impact projects that close the education gap (Indigenous scholarships, literacy programs for young girls, and more).
  • We LIVE for events. We LIVE to help event organisers sell more tickets. This sounds crazy – but we believe our tech-charity model can change the world!
  • We help a range of event organisers from music festivals, conferences, galas, workshops, school and university events. We are the platform for organisers to manage their events, sell tickets, and create impact through our philanthropic model.
  • Our clients include Mardi Gras, Strawberry Fields, Parliament House, music and art festivals, schools, workshops as well as events featuring the likes of Edward Snowden, Sean Carrol, Peter Singer and more.
  • Our major funders are the foundations of Atlassian and Google!
  • We are growing with offices in Sydney, Auckland, and Denver.
  • Check out the shout-out of Humanitix - the first 5mins of Sam Harris' podcast (#271 Earning to Give).

Why you’ll love It here

  • You will have JOINT OWNERSHIP to contribute and change the outbound sales process & be responsible for its success as you grow here.
  • We do not micromanage anyone, you are trusted, have full autonomy, and are treated as an adult.
  • We use the absolute BEST software, tools & equipment to do our job. We all use Hubspot, Lusha, Hunter, Slack, GSuite, etc.
  • We ONLY hire other smart, ambitious people who LOVE to learn and grow.
  • As an early founding team member, your input will be absolutely CRITICAL to the success of the company in all areas – including sales, marketing, and product.

What you will bring to the table

  • Strong verbal skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, and attention to detail and process are essential to the role.
  • Be ethically aligned and genuinely inspired by our mission.
  • Desire to smash quotas and goals, and continually raise the bar for your performance.
  • You want to build a career in sales and be responsible for growing a business.
  • Hubspot CRM experience and/or a SaaS background are beneficial (although not necessary).
  • All of our sales team were new to sales and had no industry experience - it's mostly about your attitude and people skills, so don’t be shy:)

Career Progression

  • Your first 12-18 months will be learning our ticketing platform, pumping out calls and emails to prospective clients, sitting-in on sales demos, and learning how we onboard new clients. Over the 12 - 18 month period, you’ll become an absolute expert on ticketing, sales, CRMs, our platform, and a range of industry verticals.
  • 18+ months - We are a fast-growing social enterprise, so whether you want to manage a team, move into senior sales, account management, product, operations, or something else is completely up to your competency and interests.
  • Years 3+ We are already in three countries… in another 3 years we will hopefully be in 6+... those in our team who deliver and have ambition could be leaders of a region or country. For example, James Humpherson, who joined us at the age of 24 (five years ago), is now General Manager.


  • OTE of $62,500+
  • Base salary $47,500
  • 401k
  • Dental, vision and health care provided with no employee contribution required

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring people together to inspire and invest in humanity. Humanitix is an experiment in compassionate capitalism and a new model for charity and business. Our ultimate vision is a world where all businesses, structures and systems work in harmony with humanity to serve the best interests of all people and our planet.

Core Values:

Show up

We go all-in for our customers and for each other because we care about what we do. It also doesn't hurt to say “I love you”. Try it.

Be bold

Think for yourself, say what you believe, and have the curiosity and courage to lead us further forward into new territory. Let's go.

Keep it weird

We celebrate humanity, thrive on individuality, and love all the ways we are different. Bring your true self to work* and be inclusive, open, and transparent.

The world is not f*cked

Yep, it can be a lot better, but there's no future in giving up. We create a better world by choosing positivity, investing in humanity, and forging pathways to progress. Be humane.

To Apply:
Please submit a one-page cover letter in addition to your resume. Let your personality shine through in the cover letter and help us learn why you want to help empower the team, organisers, and customers. What else are you passionate about? What about this job attracts you? Why will Humanitix change the world?