donated back to humanity
donated back to humanity
We’re transforming ticket booking fees from a necessary evil into a powerful force for good. 100% of Humanitix’s profits are dedicated to charities providing life’s essentials to humans worldwide: healthcare, education, food, and stability.
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See through the hype: Transparent ticketing analytics for smarter marketing and sales

2nd Jul 2024

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Data is your secret weapon when it comes to marketing and selling out your events. But so many traditional ticketing platforms don’t let you peek behind the curtain to access all the relevant information. With your event data locked away, there’s no way of getting to the gold that it holds!

In fact, some cheeky ticketing platforms will promise the world when it comes to helping you promote your event, only to provide limited data (or none at all!) to show you how your event's really doing, or how many tickets they actually helped you sell.

With Humanitix, you can forget the smoke and mirrors. We’re all about transparency. Event hosts have access to clear, easy to use, real-time analytics on their dashboard. No more inflated numbers, or vague email open rates. Just the data points you need to create smarter marketing and boost ticket sales.

Four charts from the Humanitix analytics dashboard

Here's how Humanitix Analytics helps you become a marketing pro:

  • Craft laser-focused marketing campaigns: More and more attendees aged 18-29 are discovering events through social media. Humanitix Analytics reveals which platforms are driving traffic to your event page, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts to reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

  • Target geographically relevant audiences: Say you're hosting a food festival. Insights on your ticket buyers' locations (country, region, city) could reveal an unexpected surge in interest from a neighbouring city or state. This data allows you to adapt your marketing strategy on the fly, potentially reaching out to local media outlets or influencers to generate buzz in this new market.

  • Optimise your conversion funnel: Ever wondered where potential attendees are dropping off during the checkout process? Humanitix Analytics tracks conversion rates that help you identify bottlenecks in the purchasing process. Could you tailor the information you provide on your event page? Reduce the number of questions you ask at checkout? By pinpointing conversion roadblocks, you can streamline the purchase process and watch ticket sales soar.

These are just a few examples of how Humanitix Analytics empowers you with the knowledge you need to optimise your event strategy. But the benefits go beyond increased sales, applying insights from analytics can help with:

  • Smarter budgeting: Analytics paints a clear picture of your past marketing efforts and how effective they were. Armed with this data, you can adjust your marketing budget allocation across different channels and maximise your return on investment.

  • Building stronger audience relationships: Understanding your audience behaviour lets you tailor future events to their specific location and interests, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. Happy attendees become loyal fans, spreading the word and fueling your long-term success.

With Humanitix Analytics, you're in control and can transform your event ticketing data into actionable insights.

Stop guessing, start selling. Let’s go!

Learn more about how to best use Humanitix Analytics for your event here.


Humanitix is the ticketing platform that dedicates 100% of profits to charity. With tickets for good, not greed, Humanitix takes the booking fees we all hate paying and dedicates the profits to charity. Your booking fees help provide access to education, healthcare and life’s basic necessities to millions of humans across the world.

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