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How human support & customization won over this creative retreat

22nd Aug 2023

Wax flower workshop
“The level of customer service, just wow. I can talk to a live person and that matters so much. The people I have worked with at Humanitix really care. And once I got into the platform, I love the customization to brand all the communication, colors and language the way I want. The features I’ve discovered are fantastic, and I’m sure there are more to come."

- Ali DeJohn, Founder of The Makerie

A woman holding parts of a purple paper flower

Host with the Most: The Makerie

The Makerie hosts modern retreats to nurture the creative spirit. Held at beautiful and special locations both in-person and online, renowned artisans and educators come together to share their talents and gifts to help others find the time, space, and inspiration to nourish their creativity. Makers of all levels are invited to join for several hours or days of joyful exploration and connection. While each retreat has its own unique personality, they all share an emphasis on play, creativity and self-care. It’s a special opportunity to be part of a gathering that invites us to slow down, use our hands to make meaning, and creative beautiful connections with a like-minded community.

Quick stats:

  • $80K+ in ticket sales on Humanitix
  • 5+ retreats and workshops annually
  • 400 attendees per year

A marquee with colorful hanging mobils

Ali struggled with the lack of customer support offered by her previous ticketing provider. It was next to impossible to chat to a real person whenever she needed some help or ran into issues when navigating her events.

In contrast, Humanitix has local Customer Success teams solely dedicated to ensuring that our valued event hosts are being looked after. Every new sign-up to the platform will get a personal welcome call, and our team is available via phone, live chat, text, email or video call - whatever is the preferred method of communication for our event hosts.

“The human side of it is such a selling point when you have an event on Humanitix. You get to talk to a real person. That made all the difference in the world.”

A pile of blocks

From the moment Ali laid eyes on Humanitix, she was welcomed by Humanitix team members Pierce and Kierstin, and supported every step of the way. From setting up her event to managing her ticket sales, she was able to pick up the phone and get almost instant help, with a human touch.

Ali's top three things she loved about Humanitix?

Human Support

“When I have questions, I have a phone number to connect with a live person. If I encounter a registration challenge I’m unable to solve myself, I love being able to talk to someone in real time. The support team is very responsive. It’s rare when you encounter great customer service, so when you do, you remember it. The level of personal support at Humanitix is truly excellent.”

Workshop participants sitting at long tables cutting paper

Communicating Impact

“I loved being able to share that we changed registration platforms to a system that is doing good in the world. The reason I switched was because I realized how much money my small event has generated in booking fees over the last 12 years, and it felt great to find a platform to channel those fees into a positive impact direction. It feels great for participants too, knowing that when they sign up for an event, the online event fees are being put to charitable use. If we all can contribute in our own small ways, the collective can be big.”

Participants working on a green wreath


”I love all the customization options on Humanitix. For instance, I love being able to put our logo into the event description. In any other platform, I couldn't do that. So that is really nice. I love that you can design your own ticket. I appreciate all the things that you're able to include not include. I love the confirmation page and the email confirmation where you can add links and pull personalized tags to tailor the message to each ticket holder. Being able to personalize the whole design in communication, the styling, I really appreciate.”

Stripey socks that have been mended with a cool pattern

The Makerie's next workshop is available online - Mend with Memoir. It's a three-day virtual creative retreat exploring the nourishing ways we mend our beloved belongings and pay homage to the garments and objects we already own. Check it out!


Humanitix is the world’s first humane ticketing platform that donates 100% of profits from booking fees to children’s charities. Backed by Google.org and the Atlassian Foundation, Humanitix is converting the USD $3.7bn in annual global booking fees into social impact projects that give disadvantaged kids greater access to education, healthcare and a fair go in life.

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