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Why Australia’s largest single fundraising event of its kind advocates for Humanitix as a “no-brainer” solution

5th Jun 2023

Credit Elleni Toumpas
"The whole concept of Humanitix is almost too good to be true, right? They are offering the exact same product, possibly even better than the other platforms. But then you've got the impact side where booking fees are going to good, and you're having an impact with every purchase.”

Maggie O’Neill, Head of Marketing and Operations for Hearts & Minds

(Photo credit of cover image: Elleni Toumpas)

Host with the Most: Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference

Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference is Australia’s premier investor event. It brings together international thought leaders, research scientists, fund managers, surprise guests, and entertainers, all supporting Australian medical research. Deliberately disruptive, it’s a
one-day annual conference like no other.

Photo of stage with speaker lit up in red lighting surrounded by conference attendees in seats

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Quick stats:

  • Over $3 million in ticket sales
  • $45 million in collective donations to medical research
  • 800+ attendees per conference
Ray Dalio speaking at the Sydney Opera House 2019

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Eliminating the need for time-consuming administrative work was key, so that Maggie and her team could focus their time on delivering an excellent experience for everyone involved, and redefining traditional fundraising methods for medical research.

“Prior to partnering with Humanitix, so much of our process was quite manual, so it’s been incredibly valuable to move to an intuitive, digital platform that understands events, and has the ability for customisation. Humanitix has helped automate our operations which has been very additive to the attendee experience, and has freed up resources to focus on other aspects of the event.”

Co-Founder Joshua Ross checking in attendees at the conference

(Photo credit: Elleni Toumpas)

When they switched to Humanitix, they were surprised at how easy it was to navigate the platform.

“Perhaps one the most tangible benefits of Humanitix for us has been the registration scanning process. It’s incredibly easy to use and can be quickly adopted by our team of volunteers on the day. We have upwards of 800 people registering in a short time window, and the app has helped facilitate a smooth process.

We asked Maggie what she and her team loved the most about Humanitix. Her 3 picks?

Automated tools

“We were able to issue tickets automatically and do all these things that up till then, we'd been doing manually. It was a no-brainer to partner with Humanitix, and it was a really easy transition for us.”

Four panelists speaking on stage at the conference

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“We had specific receipting requirements for our event that were a
challenge for other ticketing platforms, but Humanitix were willing
to work with us to build a solution that worked.”

Photo of conference atttendees in red seats

(Photo credit: Elleni Toumpas)

Social impact

“And it goes without saying, but it is incredibly important to highlight the alignment between our philanthropic mission, and Humanitix. A key reason for our manual process in the early years was to ensure every dollar was going to medical research, and through Humanitix we are able to benefit from an automated, market leading ticketing process all while donating our booking fees back to our beneficiaries - a win-win on all accounts.”

Presenter speaking with 'Thankometer' slide

(Photo credit: Cassandra Hannagan)

This year's conference will take place in November. You can subscribe here to be the first to know when ticket sales go live.


Humanitix is the world’s first humane ticketing platform that donates 100% of profits from booking fees to children’s charities. Backed by Google.org and the Atlassian Foundation, Humanitix is converting the USD $3.7bn in annual global booking fees into social impact projects that give disadvantaged kids greater access to education, healthcare and a fair go in life.

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