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New Nightlife Rules for Sydney's 'Coolest Street'

28th Dec 2022

Photo Credit:  Tijs van Leur

Enmore Road's classification as a Special Entertainment Precinct was given the green light.

After years of restrictions and red tape, Enmore Road is ready to turn on the nightlife again, spotlighting cultural and nightlife event hosts.

Earlier this year, the trial of NSW’s first special entertainment precinct on Enmore Road meant event organisers could now apply for late-night event permits up to midnight.

“The three-month trial was due to end on 30 November 2022, but because of its success and popularity among businesses, artists and patrons, it will continue for a further eight months”
The Minister for Hospitality and Racing said.

From outdoor movies to live music shows and immersive art installations - this is your chance to turn Enmore Road into a real cultural hub. With restrictions lifted, hosts have more freedom to deliver new and exciting events on the recently crowned “coolest street in Sydney”.

Duke of Enmore - Odd Culture Group

The good news 🎉

  • Noise complaints are being managed solely by the Inner West Council – which is working to streamline the process, instead of multiple government agencies. Bada-boom.
  • Liquor trading in venues is extended for an extra 30 minutes if they host live music or a cultural event. More music = more hours to party.
  • Footpath dining is permitted until 11 pm. Bon appetit!

Jacquiline Cunningham, owner of the Secret Garden Bar in Enmore said being a part of the Special Entertainment Precinct is an awesome opportunity for event creators

“The extended live performance and trading hours are like a stamp of approval, which gave us the confidence to keep our shows on for more people to enjoy later into the night,” Ms Cunningham said. “We hired more artists, and with great live bands, drag shows and comedies free of charge, our bar has been ever more popular among punters. This trial has been a win for all.”

Find out more information about Enmore Road's Special Entertainment Precinct trial and how you can host your next event via the NSW Government and the Inner West Council.


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