donated back to humanity
donated back to humanity
We’re transforming ticket booking fees from a necessary evil into a powerful force for good. 100% of Humanitix’s profits are dedicated to charities providing life’s essentials to humans worldwide: healthcare, education, food, and stability.
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Meet Trang! From Room to Read graduate to YouTube star

7th Jun 2024

A girl in a black coat and beige hat an scarf points at a sign showing the Humanitix logo

By using Humanitix to buy or sell tickets, you're directly contributing to positive change around the world. And this week, our Sydney team met one of the people your booking fees have helped directly!

We had the incredible opportunity to meet Trang, a graduate of Room to Read's Girls' Education Program in Vietnam, a long-term charity partner we're proud to support.

A group of smiling people. Trang and the Room to Read team with the Humanitix Sydney team

Making an impact in Vietnam

Nuyong, Room to Read’s Country Director for Vietnam joined Trang for the visit, explaining how your ticket booking fees make a real difference. Donations made from your booking fees have helped:

  • Create and publish local language books: By Vietnamese authors and illustrators, fostering a love of reading for children in Vietnam.
  • Build libraries in schools: Providing access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.
  • Deliver the Girls' Education Program: Teaching life skills, offering mentorship, and supporting girls at risk of dropping out. As Trang shared, the progam played a pivotal role in her life.

From graduate to YouTube star!

Facing a family setback when their sweet cake stall was destroyed, Trang - empowered by the confidence and skills gained through Room to Read - knew she had to take action. With a lifelong dream of becoming an actor, she started a YouTube channel! Sharing her everyday life and passion for traditional Vietnamese cuisine, her videos really resonated with viewers.

Then, something extraordinary happened. A rare white duck, BimBim, snuck into a video, capturing hearts worldwide. BimBim became Trang's pet and co-star, propelling their channel to YouTube fame. Today, the ad revenue from their videos allows Trang to support her family. You check out Trang and BimBim on their YouTube channel!

During the visit, Trang shared more about her life in Vietnam and even treated us by singing a traditional Vietnamese song for the team. She added:

"There are thousands of girls in Vietnam whose lives have been changed by your support!"

A special moment for the Humanitix team

Meeting Trang and hearing her story firsthand was incredibly inspiring for all of us here in the Humanitix Sydney office. It's a powerful reminder of the direct impact your ticket booking fees have.

Thank you for choosing Humanitix and for being a part of stories like Trang's!


Humanitix is the ticketing platform that dedicates 100% of profits to charity. With tickets for good, not greed, Humanitix takes the booking fees we all hate paying and dedicates the profits to charity. Your booking fees help provide access to education, healthcare and life’s basic necessities to millions of humans across the world.

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