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Maximize Your Event Planning Productivity with Batching

31st Mar 2023

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Are you an event planner struggling with the overwhelming demands of managing vendors, suppliers, venues, sponsors, media, volunteers, and attendees? The solution to this common problem is to work smarter, not harder.

However, multitasking can hinder your performance and productivity. Stanford University research cited in Forbes found that multi-tasking is less productive than focusing on a single task. Additionally, people bombarded with several streams of communication perform poorly when it comes to paying attention, recalling information, and switching between jobs.

So, what can you do to boost your productivity as an event planner? The answer is to use a time management technique known as batching. By grouping similar tasks, you can decrease distractions and maximize concentration, increasing productivity, reducing procrastination, and less fatigue.

Get Started

To start batching, look at your events and decide which tasks can be grouped together. For example, organize meetings and site inspections on certain days to maximize productivity out of the office. Contacting sponsors is another good task to batch, lining up phone calls and emails to target in one hit.

Turn It Off

Another important step to maximize productivity is to turn off distractions. Constant incoming communication is the biggest distraction in modern offices. To become more proactive, turn off these distractions and assign time to communicate with others during your work day.

Additionally, consider using a batched inbox to respond to emails. Responding to every email as it arrives doesn’t allow you to achieve your top priorities or plan effectively for the day. By batching your email time in blocks and allocating time windows to read and respond to emails, you can better manage your time and increase productivity.

Set It Out

To make batching a habit, block out your day and set times in your calendar with the tasks you want to focus on. Commit to focusing on these tasks and cut distractions during these windows.

Book It In

Finally, don’t forget to book time for yourself. Scheduling forgotten tasks like having lunch, taking a walk with a friend, or going to the gym can reduce stress before an event, making you more efficient by reducing anxiety.

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