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Can you explain how your donations actually work?

15th Nov 2023

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We give 100% of our profits to charity partners that are solving some of the world's most challenging issues. Below are questions that some people have about our donation model and how it works.

Where do the profits you donate come from?

  • Like all ticketing platforms, we charge a booking fee on the tickets we sell. Unlike other ticketing platforms, 100% of the profits we make fund charitable projects.
  • Once our costs are covered and we ensure Humanitix is sustainable, we’re free to turn the leftover profit from our booking fees into donations to partner charity projects, as well as our own in-house charity projects, all aimed at solving the world’s most challenging issues.

If you donate 100% of your profits, how do you keep the organisation going?

  • Like any company, we have fixed and variable costs that need to be covered before we can make a profit. These are covered by the revenue we generate from booking fees that we charge.
  • However, as a registered charity, we don’t have any shareholders or venture capitalists waiting for a return on their investment.
  • This means that once our costs are covered, 100% of the money that is leftover doesn’t go to lining shareholders’ pockets, or making our founders wealthy - it goes straight towards our mission of investing in humanity.

So, have you guys really donated all that money to charity?

YES! We donate to some of the world’s most effective impact partners. See the annual donation amounts and receipts below from our impact partners that help to provide humans across the world with life’s basic necessities - healthcare, education, food and stability.

2023: $2,651,943.44 USD donated View receipts

2022: $1,116,954.87 USD donated View receipts

2021: $194,891.41 USD donated View receipts

So, where does the money you raise actually go?

Great question! Humanitix has three main impact pillars that determine how we invest in humanity, and how the money we generate is used.

  1. Funding charitable projects: You can read all about our impact partners here. Check out our latest impact report to see how much has been donated so far!
  2. Taking the Humanitix model global: It’s simple really, the more event hosts and ticket buyers we can reach, the more impact we can have! So some of the cash we generate is donated to new Humanitix charities starting up in new geographies. Humanitix charities have already been set up in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, and we’ll be adding many more countries over the coming decade.
  3. Making events accessible for all: Humanitix is already the world’s most accessible ticketing platform, and accessibility is a big part of our charitable mission. We’re committed to continuing to develop and implement technologies, features, and practices that enable individuals of all abilities to participate fully in, and manage and run their own events hosted on our platform. Some of our profits fund our charitable innovations in event accessibility, which allows people with varying disabilities to better participate in society.

How do you choose your charity partners?

Since 2016 our mission has been to invest in humanity, with a particular focus on closing the education gap. We choose our charity partners in collaboration with Atlassian Foundation and Partners for Equity. This ensures that we are able to create measurable and positive impact with specific partners across Australia, US, and abroad.

Will you ever donate to any other charities?

As Humanitix grows, so does our impact. We absolutely intend to donate to more charities that allow us to invest in humanity, and tackle the most pressing challenges that humanity faces.

Can I nominate my charity to receive donations from Humanitix?

We receive many requests to donate to different charities from beautiful, kind-hearted souls. While we want to help and contribute to as many organisations and projects as possible, we unfortunately don’t have the resources to reply to all the requests we receive. The reality is that we have limited resources (time and money!), so therefore want to ensure we are maximising our impact in the best way we can.

All our partner charities are carefully considered and chosen through a rigorous due diligence process, undertaken by our partners the Atlassian Foundation and Partners for Equity who have their own process for finding and evaluating projects to fund. In particular, we focus on projects that are evidence-based and work to make long-lasting systemic change.

So, while we may not be able to support your nominated charity, we fully recognise the importance of nonprofit organisations in driving social change. That’s why we offer a significantly discounted rate to nonprofits and charities. Our nonprofit pricing is one of the most affordable rates in the market, helping charities to minimise their costs and make their funds go further towards their cause.


Humanitix is the ticketing platform that dedicates 100% of profits to charity. With tickets for good, not greed, Humanitix takes the booking fees we all hate paying and dedicates the profits to charity. Your booking fees help provide access to education, healthcare and life’s basic necessities to millions of humans across the world.

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