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Farewell Letter from Chair of the Board at Humanitix

11th Aug 2023

Gai at Obama Lunch March 2023

To all the wonderful people at Humanitix and its supporters,

I have had the privilege of being closely involved with Humanitix over the past five years, most recently as Chair of the Board. During that time I have seen Humanitix grow, from a small scale start-up with a big heart to a global business providing a truly compelling alternative to for-profit ticketing platforms - but still with a big heart.

The Humanitix team, led so well by Josh and Adam, are not only true professionals in the work they do but they are dedicated to the Humanitix purpose of creating a genuine difference in the world by aligning technology with humanity.

When I was first approached by Humanitix founding Chair Ray Kellerman to join the Advisory Board, I had thought I wouldn’t have the required time to dedicate to making a strong contribution. However, within five minutes of meeting Josh and Adam I was so impressed by their vision, energy, passion and intelligence that I was asking “where do I sign?”. Their vision was a bold one – to create a social enterprise based on technology that would not just compete with the large multinational competitors, but would take meaningful market share from them.

The path certainly hasn’t been an easy one. Josh, Adam and the team were just hitting their straps when COVID-19 hit and in-person events across the world stopped. Yet they regrouped and refocussed on engaging event organisers about the compelling proposition that is Humanitix so that when the world opened up again Humanitix was ready to be the ticketing platform of choice. The group’s growth since has been exceptional.

I have no doubt that Humanitix will continue to make a positive difference in the world, whether by helping event organisers make their events accessible to those who are often marginalised in our society, to being a place where people who want to use their skills to not only do great work but also make a positive social impact can thrive.

It’s been an honour to have been a part of the Humanitix team. I will always be cheering them on as they continue to build a world where all businesses, structures and systems work in harmony with humanity to serve the best interests of all people and our planet.

Yours in humanity
Gai McGrath


Humanitix is the world’s first humane ticketing platform that donates 100% of profits from booking fees to children’s charities. Backed by Google.org and the Atlassian Foundation, Humanitix is converting the USD $3.7bn in annual global booking fees into social impact projects that give disadvantaged kids greater access to education, healthcare and a fair go in life.

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