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Box Office is now live on your Humanitix App!

12th May 2023

Photo of someone using their phone to accept box office payments

Streamline your sales, manage data easier and deliver value to your guests with our Box Office solution.

What does this mean?

Our Box Office functionality allows you to process door sales on the Humanitix App. It’s a seamless experience for both you and your guests, whether they buy a ticket weeks or minutes before your event.

Who is it for?

Anyone! If you have a live event on Humanitix, you can use our Box Office feature.

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We’ve added all the features you’ll love… and more

Mockups of the Humanitix App with box office

Boost your revenue

You told us you were missing out on sales by not being able to sell tickets on the door. Well now you can! Offer walk-up sales for paid and free tickets. Accept payment via card or cash.

Person holding phone showing an order in the Humanitix App

All your data in one place

You can now manage all your ticket sales in one place. See live ticket sales in-app and via the Humanitix console.

Humanitix App showing where buyer enters their info

New marketing opportunities

Don’t lose out on capturing that valuable buyer information when accepting door sales. You can now expand your marketing database with ease. Collect in-person buyer info at the door, or skip the process entirely for a faster checkout.

How do I access the Humanitix app?

You will need to download the Humanitix for Hosts app to use this feature. iPhone | Android

Learn more about how to use the app in this guide.

Mockup of Humanitix App box office screen

🔜 Expect to see these features coming soon

The following are not available yet in the current Box Office version but will be coming soon:

  • Add-ons
  • Donations
  • Flexible pricing tickets
  • Refund in-person when the card is present
  • More ways to accept payments.

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