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5 Tips On Using SEO To Improve Your Event Marketing and Boost Attendance

2nd Dec 2021

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So you have a great event planned and ready to share with the world, but how do you make sure that people actually see it? For event organisers, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has fast become an essential skill and a key component of any online marketing strategy. Not only does it improve the chances of someone finding your event, it will make promoting it easier as well. SEO trends continually change, so keeping up to date is key, but there are still a number of things you can consider when it comes to using SEO to sell more tickets.

1. Keyword Planning & Research

Identifying and utilising precise keywords on your event page will be crucial to ensure your page ranks highly on search engines. The key is understanding what you believe your ideal attendee would be searching for in order to find your event. This takes some common sense and a little bit of strategy. It is worth taking a few minutes to brainstorm popular and like search terms and phrases - things like “yoga class today” and “Perth meditation retreat” are likely to get a lot of traffic.

Having said that, you still want to make sure you are getting traffic who are actually interested in your event, so you need to be a bit specific. Generic keywords usually accompany greater competition, so finding and using very tailored keywords specific to your event will help immensely in attracting the right target audience.

A great way of finding out what keywords are used often is creating a Google Ads account and using the “Keyword Planner” in the Tools section. This planner will allow you to type in keywords you think may work, and Google will then provide you with a monthly search volume estimate, as well as suggest other related keywords. Other ways of finding keywords include: looking at competitor’s pages; searching for relevant questions asked on sites like Reddit or Quora; or using tools like Soovle or Jaaxy.

2. Quality Long-Form Content

Research shows that publishing regular long-form content improves your search ranking, compared to pages that don’t. On your event pages or website, try to publish long-form content that addresses a potential visitor’s needs or concerns, not just about your event or product. Quality content that is filled with useful information, and a bit of personality (it’s better when it feels like a human is talking to you!), will go a long way in making your event more shareable, and more trust-worthy to Google as a link they’d recommend.

3. Mobile-Friendly is a Friend of Search

Google made the decision to place larger emphasis on the mobile version of websites as opposed to the desktop version, back in 2019. When it comes to your event’s website, making sure it’s mobile-friendly will be key in order to improve your search rankings. Check how effective your mobile site is using Google’s free mobile friendly test.

4. Video is Becoming a Necessity

Video is slowly becoming the most dominant form of content that we consume. As a result, it is worth seriously considering incorporating video content into your SEO strategy. Using specific keywords related to your event in the video headers and descriptions will be crucial in order to improve your searching ranking and provide more opportunities for backlinks.

5. Pay Attention to Localisation

Many people who use search engines are looking for something local, so ensure that your event page contains all the relevant information to improve local searches. The most important pieces of information you need to consider are making sure that your event date and location are displayed prominently on your event page or website.

For more ideas on how to get the most out of your event promotion with a smaller budget, check out our comprehensive marketing guide.

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Em Meller
Em Meller

Em Meller lives and works in Sydney, Australia on the unceded lands of the Gadigal people. Her work has appeared in places like The Lifted Brow, Cordite, and Going Down Swinging. She has studied creative writing at the University of Technology, Sydney, and at Oxford University.

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