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A big thank you from our Co-CEO

24th Jan 2023

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24th of January, 2023

This $1,000,000 donation feels very special. Honestly, it feels surreal, but it’s also important because we're now at the point where our whacky idea has proven that it works. We’ve created a self-funded tech charity that gives away millions of dollars every single year, sustainably and without requiring any external funding. Humanitix just does its thing and gives away millions of dollars to charity while doing it. Honestly, this feels long overdue.

Admittedly, it's a crazy idea, and people asked, "Is that going to work?" and fair enough. The amount of effort and time required to put into this business, willing this thing into existence as a charity, was immense. Even without the last three years of the pandemic, it’s been a very difficult thing to pull off without having access to funds like a regular startup. However, about six months ago, ticket sales had well and truly recovered from COVID, and hosts began switching left, right, and centre to Humanitix, with over 12,316 of them joining us in the last half year. With their help, we’re finally doing the thing in big numbers. Big numbers like $1,000,000 in a quarter! It’s been a wild ride.

Since Josh and I started Humanitix, we knew it was possible conceptually—that you should be able to run a company where you can give away all of your profits. We knew that that was true, but knowing what’s true is very different from executing it and doing it. At the start of 2023, it's a great feeling to look back and be blown away by what we've achieved.

Humanitix has given away far more money than it took to create it. Humanitix doesn't need money from anyone to exist. We stand on our own two feet, and we’re becoming one of the leading companies in the ticketing industry and giving away millions of dollars, all from the profits of bullshit booking fees. There are no "buts," no debts, no equity, no shareholders, no concessions, and no compromises. It’s exactly as we intended it, and exactly as we had envisioned the model in its perfect form: as a charity. We’ve given away a million bucks, so, "Does it work?" Fuck yeah, it works.

Over the last year, I've learned a lot, but mostly, I am really grateful for our team. I’ve seen the gang we’ve created at Humanitix really grow and thrive, and in turn, they are now empowering others. I’ve learned the insane value of having amazing people work around you. They’re so awesome and doing such an amazing job. I’ve learned the value of creating leaders who are able to create other leaders. Giving people the space to do that has been really cool.

I want to say thank you to our event hosts. We’ve been talking to tens of thousands of hosts, asking them to trust us, and they’ve said, "Yes, I'm willing to switch to Humanitix and give it a go." Without that, the company doesn't happen. I want to acknowledge the very first hosts who joined us, who, in my opinion, were the bravest. They put their business on our platform and took the leap with us. Every single host that switched over to us, helped the next host switch. Our hosts have grown this community and grown their standing in the industry. As a host, it’s not just your event’s booking fees that go to children’s charities; it’s all the other hosts that see you using Humanitix and creating a standard. We see your hard work every single day. Thank you.

I'm proud to know Humanitix provides way more benefit to society than a regular ticketing company. This year, we’re going to give away many, many, many more millions. We are going to let the world know that the concept is a great and, more importantly, achievable idea because, ultimately, we want people to copy us; copycats are welcome. This is a whole new way to do business, to look at profits, and to look at the role businesses should be expected to play in society.

'Till the next million,

- Adam


Humanitix is the world’s first humane ticketing platform that donates 100% of profits from booking fees to children’s charities. Backed by Google.org and the Atlassian Foundation, Humanitix is converting the USD $3.7bn in annual global booking fees into social impact projects that give disadvantaged kids greater access to education, healthcare and a fair go in life.

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