donated back to humanity
donated back to humanity
We’re transforming ticket booking fees from a necessary evil into a powerful force for good. 100% of Humanitix’s profits are dedicated to charities providing life’s essentials to humans worldwide: healthcare, education, food, and stability.
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Tickets for good, not greed

Humanitix is a ticketing technology platform for hosting all kinds of events. But we're more than just a pretty interface. We're also a non-profit. Rather than keeping booking fees to enrich ourselves, we reinvest 100% of our profits back into humanity!

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All the good we do in the world is made possible by our diverse community of event hosts and all the inspiring ways they bring people together. Thank you.
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All plans get access to all features. Better technology, better pricing, better customer service, and all profits go to charity.

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"Humanitix makes events exceptional. The booking fees on a conference can put an Indigenous Australian child through school. The booking fees on festival tickets can create opportunity for a whole community of girls in South East Asia. Every ticket counts."

John Eales, a Humanitix Ambassador and Wallabies Rugby legend

John Eales, a Humanitix Ambassador and Wallabies Rugby legend

"Co-ordinating the largest International Women's day event series in the country is a mammoth task. With over 5,500 people across 5 cities it means we need a really effective ticketing platform. We found that Humanitix offers the best product for our unique event needs, at the best price."

Lyssa Borham, UN Women

Lyssa Borham, UN Women

"We love working with Humanitix and are consistently blown away by their innovation."

Christina Gerakiteys, SingularityU Summit

Singularity U

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