donated back to humanity
donated back to humanity
We’re transforming ticket booking fees from a necessary evil into a powerful force for good. 100% of Humanitix’s profits are dedicated to charities providing life’s essentials to humans worldwide: healthcare, education, food, and stability.
Our impact

We're on a mission to give a billion people with disabilities equal access to events


Everyone deserves a seat

Over a billion people worldwide experience some form of disability. For so many of them, this has meant exclusion from events and difficulty participating in the gatherings that underpin our communities and culture.

Our global partners in making every event accessible

MicrosoftIntopiaVision AustraliaAustralian Disability NetworkThe Disability TrustGig Buddies

Our platform welcomes everyone

We provide all our tools, technology and resources for free to both hosts and guests.


Marketplace for accessible events

We've built world-first tools that help people find events that accommodate their individual needs and interests, from sign language interpretation to wheelchair accessibility.

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Accessible tech for ticket buyers

Web content accessibility standards are important. We strive to be the leader for accessibility in events ticketing.

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Humanitix impact on application

We're making big strides but we're not done yet

Accessibility is complex. We're proud to have made our first steps, knowing that every step forward raises the bar and sets a new standard for welcoming, accessible events.

We're a not-for-profit, which means our core purpose is social outcomes (not profit for shareholders). We're proud that our core purpose includes improving community participation and social inclusion for everyone.