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We believe education is a ticket to opportunity

We exist to close the education gap around the world. To get there, we’re helping every event give opportunity to children that have been left behind.
We won’t stop until every ticket counts.
Kids in a classroom holding up their hands for the question
Young child holding up her answer board in classroom

How we’re closing the education gap

Every child has the right to reach their potential and make a contribution to their community and the world. Fair and equal access to education is the biggest single step towards solving all the problems that keep humanity awake at night.

Three girls learning to read in the girls literacy education program
Three girls learning to read in the girls literacy education program icon

Girls’ Education Programs

62 million adolescent girls around the world are out of school.

We’re changing that, right around the world.

Our impact

52,000 days

of education for girls

Charity gifting indigenous school students scholarships
Charity gifting indigenous school students scholarships icon

Indigenous Scholarships

Only 65% of Indigenous students complete year 12.

We’re giving scholarships so that everyone has an equal chance.

Our impact

1,700 days

of scholarships for indigenous students

Charity: OzHarvest, giving school students food
Charity: OzHarvest, giving school students food icon

Nutrition for School Kids

One child in every classroom in Australia goes to school hungry.

We’re equipping kids with the ingredients and the food skills for good nutrition.

Our impact

150,000 meals

for disadvantaged kids

How much of the booking fee goes to charity? ALL OF IT.

We get asked this a lot. We get it. It’s why we like everyone to know that Humanitix is a registered charity, not a for-profit business. We don’t have any shareholders to pay dividends to, or investors to pay back.

Registered charity certificate

Everything we do is about closing the education gap

The event platform is how we raise more money. We choose to be self-sufficient, rather than asking for donations.

We cover costs, build new features and take on competitors. For every investment we make, we ask “will this help us increase our impact?”

Our education projects are why we do what we do. When we grow, so does our impact.

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We’re aligned with the United Nations Sustainable development goal 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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How you can help

We’re a charity for the tech-generation. We don’t ask for donations. We ask anyone running an awesome event to use our platform so that your booking fees can change lives.

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