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Our general FAQs

What is Humanitix?

Aside from Humanitix making the ticketing for your event easy, with a range of market-leading features, we also give your event a marketable charitable element. Our aim is to turn every event into an opportunity for philanthropy at no extra cost to you or your patrons. We encourage the event organiser to utilise the marketing opportunity from our donation. It’s why we also let you choose the Partner Charity, as you best know your audience and should choose the most relevant charity for yourself and your patrons.

So make the most of it and let your patrons know each of their paid tickets contributed to a great cause!

Who benefits from Humanitix?

Humanitix ​seeks to alleviate poverty, suffering and education gaps ​by harnessing the power of live events.Humanitix​ funds domestic violence shelters, meals to the homeless, indigenous scholarships and more! We do this by partnering with 30 of Australia’s most impactful charities focused on solving some of our most challenging issues.

“I’m a charity and we want to partner with Humanitix! What do you look for in a partner?”

We love learning about new charities and exploring ways to support their amazing work! With over 56,000 registered charities in Australia we are however limited to the number of charities we can support due to administrative processes. We're looking to engage with charities motivated to form a collaborative partnership that's mutually beneficial. We champion thecauses of our partner charities to event organisers and we have a similar expectation of them.

For charities that are not partners (or are in the process of becoming a partner but not yet approved), we offer our platform at a significantly reduced rate of 80c + 2.1% inclusive of credit card fees & GST. For this pricing package, please email​ and include the verification documentation or link to your ACNC registration - we will then approve your account for our NFP pricing schedule.

Charity partnerships are reviewed yearly and EOI's are to be sent to​. Please include:

- latest financial reports
- Information on what the organisation does and how work is carried out

If you or your supporters are running an event in the meantime, please contact us at​ and we can support through our charity pricing structure.

Can I elect a charity that’s not a partner?

Due to administrative resources we have limited capacity to assess and support every charity requested. If your event is likely to create a donation over ​$1000.00 ​please contact us at​and we will be in touch.

To explain this (as we appreciate it’s not always obvious for event organisers) please appreciate that Humanitix itself is a registered charity, and we have to be very careful to not lose our licence by donating to causes that don’t fit our licence and mandate. To ensure compliance with our licence for new charities we have to:

1. Research the charity to ensure its consistent with our licence and mandate.

2. Establish a legal agreement with the charity so that we can use their logo and promote their cause (we can’t promote them without their consent).

3. We have to establish a banking relationship for donation transfer.

4. We have to follow-up with the charity to ensure we get a DGR-receipt for our donation.

For this reason if the event is small and the donation therefore small, we can’t afford to donate to new charities. Humanitix only works if we have a streamlined and scalable process - we have to pay our staff for their time and the model doesn’t work if we have to make a fortune of small donations across a wide range of organisations.

Furthermore, we want to have a major impact with the charities we support, so we believe a list of 30 is appropriate to concentrate our efforts on.

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